Charlotte's Web is the 2006 film produced by Paramount Pictures, Walden Media, Kerner Entertainment Company and Nickelodeon Movies.


A litter of eleven piglets are born on a farm in Maine. A runt struggles to feed while the other piglets feed from the sow. Mr Arable decides to kill the runt, but the piglet is spared by Fern the farmer's daughter. Wilbur grows up in the house it isn't until he is a month old that Mr Arable is at his witts. Wilbur was no longer a tiny runt. Mr Arable couldn't afford to feed Wilbur anymore. Wilbur's brothers and sisters were already sold. Mrs Arable suggests Wilbur be given to her uncle Homer. So Fern sells Wilbur for six dollars to her uncle, Wilbur is taken from The Arable Farm and is sent to the Zuckerman Farm.


Wilbur is lonely at the barn as no animal wants to talk to him. Wilbur discovers he is to be eaten on Christmas, A kind spider named Charlotte becomes Wilbur's new friend and saves Wilbur's life. Mr Zuckerman is famous. as Charlotte posted words on her web. Wilbur is off to the fair. But Charlotte dies having 514 children. Fern plays with a boy name Henry Fussing. The end shows how Charlotte's children leave but three remain to be with Wilbur forever, Fern doesn't visit Wilbur anymore as she grew up. Wilbur lived for many years.

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