The book begins when John Arable's sow gives birth to a litter of eleven piglets. The eleven pig is a runt and struggles to feed. Mr Arable decides to kill the runt. But his eight year old daughter Fern begs for the tiny piglet to spared thus Mr Arable allows Fern to keep the runty piglet as a pet. Fern names the piglet Wilbur. Fern cares for Wilbur taking him for walks and feeding him from a bottle. At two weeks Mr Arable suggests Wilbur be living outside. Fern takes Wilbur outside for the night, The piglet grows really fast soon he is a month old. One day Mr Arable tells Fern Wilbur has to be sold. His ten brothers and sisters were already sold. Thus Mr Zuckerman Fern's uncle buys Wilbur from her for six dollars. Wilbur lives happily at the Zuckerman farm. Until a old sheep tells him he will be dinner. Charlotte a grey spider overhears the talk and becomes Wilbur's friend. She saves his life by performing mircials on the web, Wilbur goes to a fair and wins a prize.The Zuckerman's were happy. Fern meets a boy named Henry Fussy and becomes best friends. Mr Zuckerman spares Wilbur's life and let him live out the rest of the days. Unfortunally Charlotte dies but her 3 children ( 511 of Charlotte's children went out into the world) live on. Fern grows up and moves on with her life. that is the end.


There were two films created based on the book as well as a sequel to the 73 film

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