Henry Fussy is seen at the fair on the Ferris wheel with Fern. He has a mean mother named Mrs. Fussy in the 1973 film (who resembles Lady Tremaine in the 1950 Disney animated film Cinderella).

Biography Edit

1973 Movie Edit

After receiving Wilbur from her father's litter of piglets, Fern takes Wilbur for a walk and visits Henry Fussy on the way, who is first seen wearing glasses and playing the violin. She hands Wilbur for Henry to hold and suggests that he could have a dog, to which Henry expresses reluctance as his mother thinks pets are unsanitary. When Mrs. Fussy catches Henry, she tries to chase Wilbur out with her broom, who knocks over Mrs. Fussy's statue in the process. He is later seen visiting Wilbur at the Zuckermans' barn with Fern where his mother catches him for spending too much time there (because while she said he could visit, that did not mean he could spend the day there) and sends him home as a punishment for making his music teacher wait twenty minutes.

Henry is not seen again until that autumn, when he runs into Fern at the county fair and reveals that he is no longer wearing his glasses. When Fern asks why she had not seen him for several months, Henry mentions that he has moved into his grandfather's house and adds that he (Henry's grandfather) had accidentally stepped on his violin and broke it to smithereens. When Fern expresses displeasure over Henry not telling her what had become of him, Henry invites Fern out for a ride on the Ferris wheel, to which Fern agrees, much to Wilbur's dismay. Charlotte explains to him that Fern seeing Henry in a new view is a sign of her growing up. Fern and Henry are later seen on the Ferris Wheel when Fern expresses a fright on their seat's sudden descent, to which Henry comforts her.

The next day, Henry joins the Arables and Zuckermans in the parade for Wilbur's special presentation. Later that day, as they arrive to take Wilbur home, Henry is the first to notice Wilbur crying, unaware that he was crying for Charlotte, who had just died.

The following spring, Fern and Henry have become a couple, as shown by Henry giving Fern flowers.

2006 Version Edit

He is seen in Fern's class and at the fair. He doesn't wear glasses and his mother is not seen.

A deleted alternate ending reveals that Henry and Fern would marry and have a family, including a granddaughter.