Please Don't Kill It, Charlotte's Web, page 2 illustration, 1952, GM Williams-1-

Kevin Anderson as John Arable in the live action film

John Arable was husband to Phyllis Arable and father to Avery and Fern. A pig farmer. He is described as a firm man when deciding to kill the runt of his sow's litter he ended up giving the piglet to his daughter. While his wife is concerned with the children going to the fair. John is happy and gives his kids some money. He is a loving father and a fair man.

In the Book

In the book John Arable was pig farmer. He raised many litters of pigs and sold them for money. John Arable's sow in the beginning of the novel gave birth to eleven piglets. John who attended the birth, noticed one little white runt struggling to feed from his mother John decided to kill the piglet however his daughter Fern pleads for the pig's life, John gives the pig to Fern to be raised as a pet. Fern names it Wilbur.

By the end of Chapter 2 John was firm about supporting Wilbur since he was now a month old and his brothers and sisters were already sold. Since Wilbur was no longer a baby John convinces Fern to sell him to her uncle. Fern does for six dollars. John is mentioned at the fair letting his children run off and have the time of their lives.


Like the book John is a pig farmer who raised pigs for a living. He gives the runt of his sow's litter to Fern only to make her sell Wilbur to her uncle.